About JaguarTrials

What is JaguarTrials?

We connect business (service) to client through free trial offers.

JaguarTrials allows clients to choose from over 150 trial offers and bundle them for one flat service fee.

How do you create and sell trials "legally?"

Because we're not actually selling the business's service, but rather charging for our proprietary "bundling" service concept, we're capable of offering our clients a multitude of services without infringing upon a company's copyright.

This enables us to offer an exceptionally simple concept of bundling multiple trials at once, rather than individually registering for each.

Protecting our clients from fraud and over-charging

One of the greatest benefits of choosing JaguarTrials over the service provider itself is the ability to stay completely anonymous throughout the entire process. This means you're protected from trial fraud, over-charging, financial theft and deceptive practices performed by ill-minded service providers.

We also never ask for your credit or debit card information, full first and last name or any additional information such as your telephone number or address, therefore keeping you safe from database attacks and from the service providers discovering your true identity.

For more information, please visit the Help Center

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