Developing client-advertiser relationships
through bundled trial offers.

A launchpad for exploring

We make trying new services simple and efficient.

Bundled Services

Bundle up to 7 service trials without individually registering.

Extended Trial Periods

With JaguarTrials, there's no cap on how long you can try a service.

Protection at the Core

Exposing your financial information to service providers is risky business - so we mask your personal details for you.

Freedom without Compromise

We put you in control of managing which trials work for YOU - not the other way around.

Up to 7 services,

Orbiting one simple price.

With our proprietary bundling concept, you can now sign up for multiple trial offers without going through the hassle of individually registering.

  • Bundle up to 7 services at once
  • Pay a fraction of the cost for the same value
  • Never worry about being charged for a trial you don't want

And on top of all this, we never ask for your personal or financial details.

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“I dumped my cable subscription the very same month of signing up for JaguarTrials.”

- David Raymond

Customer since 2016
“Working with this company has been a pleasant surprise! I never knew one could receive so much value for $10!”

- Karolina Saracha

Customer since 2016
“Automatic updates are my favorite aspect of JaguarTrials. When a trial gets close to expiring I don't have to worry about the possibility of being charged, it's just simply updated!”

- Danielle Dolche

Customer since 2017

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  • Automatic Updates
  • MyFiles Account
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Extremely Popular


Monthly Recurring Subscription

  • Choose 5 Services
  • Automatic Updates
  • MyFiles Account
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Incredible Value


Monthly Recurring Subscription

  • Choose 7 Services
  • Automatic Updates
  • MyFiles Account
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